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if u find out about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity thru tumblr n u know them irl:

1. if they haven’t come out to u, u rlly shouldn’t bring it up

2. if u rlly gotta bring it up (eg to ask about pronouns or something) do so privately and be respectful n a decent human being n all that

3. don’t u dare out them to other people irl, this could seriously endanger them

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Adding a caption to tell tumblr one of my earliest crushes was on Mike Dirnt.

Adding a caption to tell tumblr one of my earliest crushes was on Mike Dirnt.

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how game of thrones should end

Come at the king you best not miss

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friendly reminder that calling straight people “breeders” is transphobic and biphobic k thx

and racist as hell bc guess what white people used to call slave women

I have used this in the past ironically but oh god yeah noted never again.

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thank you BABELAND for becoming our official safer sex sponsor and also for sending us some goodies to play with on set!!!!!!


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so everyone knows bret michaels’ monologue at the beginning of the first episode of rock of love when he says that rock n roll is an “insatiable bitch goddess” and he needs to find someone that can handle both him AND the rock? that’s my new shit

Beyoncé: Sparkling Magical Girl Looks



but how can you bash sansa for liking stories about knights and adventure when you’re the one reading asoiaf


That moment of HAVING SO MANY FEELINGS when you’re tearing up and know you everything will come out if you put on “Pretty Hurts.”